Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ameers First Haircut

So one afternoon my son and I were doing his homework for school, the assignment required him to use scissors and paste.  He's 5 years old and is extremely bright for his age and I'd go ahead and say he knows the difference between right and wrong.  I happened to step away for maybe 2-3 minutes to check on my other son only to return to Ameers hair laying on the floor.  He managed to cut the front and sides of his hair with his child proof scissors, when I asked him "Why would you do that to your hair?"  he replied "Because you wouldn't give me a hair cut"  when I  heard this my heart literally sank down into my stomach.  He'd been asking for a haircut for over a year now and has stated on numerous occasions that he doesn't like having long hair.  Now me being so into natural hair and growing all of our hair long (I have three sons) I completely disregarded his plea to let him be an individual.  He didn't want long hair he just wanted to be a normal kid and not be concerned with getting dirt in his hair because mommy will get mad.  So the only thing I could do was to give him a haircut, when a child starts to cutting there own hair its a sign that its about that time.  Has anyone else experienced this? How do you feel about boys growing there hair long? And would you have cut his hair after that?

Thanks in advance!!!