Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Lookbook : Ahoy There!!!!

Hey Everyone!  This look was obviously nautical inspired and I tried to keep it simple with a pop of color but still staying true to the season and as we all know wedges=spring LOL!  Let me know what you think ;0)

Navy and cream striped nautical top- F21 $7.80
Denim skinny jeans F21 $9.80
Red wedge- Random store $12.50

Spring Lookbook: Paging Professor Tresses

So here's another look from my endless wardrobe of spring inspired looks LOL! Don't judge me ;0).  Hope you like and please feel free to comment.

Tan blazer - H&M $39.95
Baby Bluse blouse- H&M $5.00
Denim skinny jeans- F21 $9.50
Floral Platform pumps- F21 $22.80