Saturday, October 29, 2011

Flexi-rod Spiral Set on Natural Hair

I decided to give the Jane Carter Solution wrap it foam one more try on my natual hair.  I shampooed and conditioned as usual then I applied the foaming lotion on soaking wet hair and began to smooth out the hair with my denman brush and wrap the medium sized flew-rods in a spiral set.  Then I sat under a dryer for and hour and a half then I let took out the rods and let my hair air dry another hour and this is what I got.  I only used about 16-18 rods but next time I think I'll used more rods and make smaller sections to create a smoother texture at the roots, they were really puffy this time around.  I love wet sets because they are heatless and they allow you to maintain a hairstyle for days at a time.

Products mentioned:

Jane Carter Solution: wrap foam setting lotion
Grapeseed oil
Denman brush
medium sized flexi-rods


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